20 People Who Look So Much Like Celebrities That You Cannot Tell the Difference

We might want to be unique in this world, but it actually happens sometimes that you’re walking down the street or at the supermarket and you suddenly find someone that looks very similar to you. In the case of celebrities, a lot of people try to imitate their looks, so it’s more common to see resemblances in their world. But at other times, celebrity doppelgängers look and act like celebrities without even trying. So Bright… Read More »

15 Celebrities That Ditched the Hollywood Dating Scene and Married Regular People

In Hollywood, it’s common for celebrities to date and marry their colleagues, and there’s actually an explanation for it. Relationship experts believe that it’s easier for public figures to be with someone who shares their lifestyle and beliefs. Life under a spotlight can be tough on a regular person, but exceptions exist and they proudly stand the test of fame. We at Bright Side are always happy to celebrate true love, and… Read More »

19 Animals Who Might Beat Cats and Dogs in the Cuteness Competition

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People Voted for the Best Fictional Pet They Would Like to Have, and It’s Not Even Scooby-Doo

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