18 Surprised People Who Didn’t Expect Anything That Day

By | October 27, 2019

Our life is full of unexpected things and that’s an indisputable fact. The most exciting one is that you never know where and when you’ll find these surprises. It can happen at a shop, on a plane, in your own car, or at a ski resort. Sometimes this “turn-out” might simply knock at your door.

Bright Side collected 18 photos made by people whose life didn’t prepare them for what they saw.

The moment you realize that Angela Merkel is your flight mate:

The length of carrots in Japanese supermarkets can turn out to be a big surprise.

When it’s really frightening to open the inbox folder:

When the hotel you were going to stay at offered you a room with a bathtub that has a city view:

“The view from my bed in a 2 person hotel room”

This friend who just wanted to say hi

“This is the receipt the ATM gave me.”

The unscheduled sale of ham at the supermarket

When you decided to check the emergency phone and found a prototype from the Mesozoic era:

18 Surprised People Who Didn’t Expect Anything That Day

This store has a manhole so that (presumably) the Ninja Turtles can conveniently buy pizza ingredients.

When you have so much luggage and you are afraid to lose it:

So you’re walking down the street and suddenly you see this…

Hidden toilet at the doctor’s office

That feeling when you found out you were wearing a tablecloth:

“The roof console fell down in my truck yesterday and it was as shocked as I was.”

What a bargain!

Well, congratulations!

This mom hired a 5 piece jazz band to wake up her daughter who hates getting up.

What unexpected things have you encountered in life? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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