20+ Moments Captured Right Before a Facepalm

By | November 15, 2019

How much control do you have in your life? Do you know that people who are obsessed with control and try to plan everything (even for others) are called control freaks? Among these control freaks are Wellington, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, and Steve Jobs. But sometimes nature reminds us that we are not supposed to control everything. In fact, sometimes we can’t do it at all.

Bright Side has prepared a collection of photos to prove that there is always something we can forget about. We hope you will smile and let yourself lose control for at least a little while.

1. A sacrifice was made for the sake of this cool photo.

2. He forgot to put water in his cup of noodles, and we can see the regret in his eyes.

3. If raccoons and squirrels live in your attic, you will have some unique, stinky icicles.

4. “Well, I have never shown such intelligence before.”

5. If you want the same picture, follow these instructions: Forget to close a pen, talk to somebody, and run the pen over your jeans without watching.

6. That’s why you should only do U-turns if they are allowed.

7. When you try to cut corners:

8. It seems that microwaves are not great at drying clothes.

9. “Turns out that I’m not all that good at cooking.”

10. “Frozen vomit all over my car on January 1st? Santa, this was not my wish, you’ve messed up!”

11. “Why me?”

20+ Moments Captured Right Before a Facepalm

12. “A UPS delivery guy left this under our doorknob and trapped us in our apartment.”

13. “When your mother loves to push buttons in a new car.”

14. “Stranger, I hope someone will take care of you and your lunch.”

15. “Clean some key buttons in hot water? I have never had a better idea.”

16. A new designer’s approach to road work

17. Parking on the beach is never a good idea. Ever.

18. When you’re out of toothpaste, but still want to feel fresh.

19. “An error message would be enough, I think.”

20. French fries from my sister.

21. “OMG! I just finished vacuuming!”

Can you call yourself a control freak? Has something like this happened to you? Please share your stories with us and help us prove that we should enjoy and not control our lives.

Preview photo credit Kwasbeb/Redditobelis/Reddit

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