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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro – A High-end Smartphone of the Company Apple is going to launch iPhone 11 and it will be the Pro version of the series. The company is well-known in the world on smartphone technology and they are planning to hit the market with a new smartphone that is known as Apple… Read More »

20+ People Who Had One Job but Still Messed It Up

You would think that if someone was hired to do a job, they’d be qualified enough to do it. Well, that’s not always true. So don’t be surprised if you see stairs that make no sense or a fence that doesn`t actually protect anything because you can easily go around it! Bright Side has found some mishaps that can make you wonder what on earth the people doing their jobs were thinking!… Read More »

17 Celebrities Who Proved Shaving a Beard Changes Everything

The ultimate dilemma in a man’s life is probably, “To beard or not to beard?” The answer is not so simple though since everyone’s style is different and most men like to experiment with their facial hair at times. When it comes to celebrities making huge changes it might happen from time to time for the sake of a role. Sometimes the difference is so conspicuous that we can’t help but weigh in on the decision. At Bright… Read More »

What 27 Celebrities Who Rose to Fame in the ’80s and ’90s Look Like Now

Perhaps many of us have already forgotten the names of celebrities who were shining brightly in the ’80s and ’90s but still, many of us can still hum along to tunes like, “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” and remember the faces of actors from The Addams Family and Crocodile Dundee. Being inspired by their buzz from past decades, Bright Side is eager to show you how celebrities everyone used to go crazy… Read More »

11 Texts From People Who Could Do Without the Sarcasm, but They Can’t Help Themselves

Not everyone has the ability to respond with a quick and witty answer, so we are always interested in the people who have this “talent.” We also never delete our texts with these funny folks because we know we can read them over and over again and still get a laugh every time. We at Bright Side love humor and sarcasm and today’s texts are completely full… Read More »

25 Unexpected Pairs of Celebrities Who Were Born the Same Year

For famous people, looking young, neat, and attractive is a part of their profession. Some of them are so successful at it that it is almost impossible to guess their actual age (the entire world has a lot of questions for Keanu Reeves). We at Bright Side decided to compare celebrities who were born the same year and we were really surprised. Sandra Bullock and Monica Bellucci: 54 years old © Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/East… Read More »

12 Celebrities Who Took Their Weight Under Control (50 Cent Went Above and Beyond)

Breathtaking photos of celebrities and their perfect beach bodies are all over the Internet. Sometimes it can be really frustrating, and it’s hard not to feel a little bit envious. However, not everyone in Hollywood was born extremely fit and drop dead gorgeous. Some of our favorite actors and singers looked completely different from Hollywood’s beauty standards at one time. Bright Side would like… Read More »

17 People Who Imagined Really Strange Things

The ability to see the beauty in everyday objects is great, but it’s even cooler to be able to see the absurd in everyday things. All it takes a really rich imagination to catch these jaw-dropping images. Bright Side has found 17 people who were lucky enough to find the extraordinary in very ordinary things. 1. “Sometimes I just look at pictures of the Earth from space and I marvel at how beautiful it all is.”… Read More »

36 Celebrities Who Look So Much Alike, It’s Eerie

Do you know the feeling when you watch a movie and realize that you’ve already seen the actor in something else? To make sure you’re right, you turn to Google and find out that it’s not actually that actor you’ve been thinking about. But how? They look so much alike! Bright Side has collected 18 pairs of famous people who look like identical twins.… Read More »

15 People That Knew Celebrities Way Before They Were Famous

Classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, and neighbors sometimes become not only successful people but celebrities. And 10 years later, you look at your old photos and realize that you went to the same school with a future millionaire, singer, or actor. Or you see your ex on TV every day. This must be a really weird feeling, but the people from our compilation still decided to share their… Read More »