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17 Hot Celebs You Probably Don’t Remember Being Young

There’s a feeling that some actors have never been young. No matter which film you see them in, they already have wrinkles. But the thing is, maybe we haven’t seen their early roles or we simply failed to recognize them. Bright Side must admit that they were really attractive! Just have a look at these hot young celebs. 17. Willem Dafoe © To Live and Die… Read More »

12 Famous Children Who Grew Up to Rock Our World

These kids may have grown up, but their fame has remained. And they’ve proven to us that they’re capable of even more in their lives — they’re successful, rich, and thriving! These actors and musicians will show us that they can do something more for this world. Let’s remember some of our favorite child stars that changed so dramatically as they grew up, we can barely recognize… Read More »

9 Celebs Who Changed Their Gender and Became Even More Popular

Gender reassignment is a life changing transformation. It requires great courage and support from family, friends, and loved ones. But it`s so much more difficult when you’re a celebrity, when journalists and paparazzi are stalking every little detail of your life, and when there’s always hundreds or thousands of people judging you. Here at Bright Side we would… Read More »

What 12 Famous Historical Figures Would Look Like Today

World history is shaped by the strongest and most courageous people. They become a part of history and leave a legacy that remains for centuries. Have you ever wondered how prominent historical figures would look and act if they were alive now? We at Bright Side decided to show you how some well-known people from the past would appear today, and there are 2 historical figures that… Read More »

What the Actors From the Movies We Loved Watching in the 90s Look Like Now

Before the age of the internet, young people were not interested in Instagram stars but in actors and actresses that they saw in movies and TV series. We are always ready to watch some of the old movies again, like Leon, Beethoven, Home Alone, Ghostbusters, and others. But what are the actors that played our favorite characters doing now? Bright Side decided to answer this question and… Read More »

What 25 Celebs Look Like Right After They Take Their Make Up Off

When we flip through magazines or scroll down celebrities’ Instagram or Twitter, we can’t help but appreciate their beauty. We might think that level of beauty is only possible with the help of makeup, but some celebrities show that their natural beauty is just as lovely, if not better, without makeup. With their no-makeup selfies, these celebrities prove that even beneath all the powder and colors,… Read More »

16 Actors Who Played Different Roles in the Same Movie and You Probably Missed It

If you’ve ever had the feeling while watching a movie that a character looked weird or resembled someone you’ve already seen in the same movie, you might had been absolutely right. For example, In Back to the Future: Part II Michael J. Fox, who plays the main character, Marty, also played Marty’s daughter. It’s quite shocking, but it’s not the only time an actor… Read More »

28 Celebrities Whose True Height Might Have Been a Mystery to You

Photo cameras and video cameras distort the real picture and, often, we can’t even imagine how different actors are from their on-screen characters. Most of the time, people can’t imagine the true height of celebrities, because directors often present tall people as short and vice versa. For example, did you know that Jennifer Lopez is exactly the same height as Daniel… Read More »

20+ Gripping Facts That Can Make You Jump Out of Your Chair

Some facts might sound fake, but they turn out to be true. Like how giant tarantulas keep tiny frogs as their pets and mammoths were alive when the Great Pyramids of Giza were built. From weird facts about animals to insane info about the universe and everything else around us, these pieces of information Bright Side collected have the potential to blow your mind. 1.… Read More »