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10 Celebrities Who Wore the Same Outfit More Than Once and Looked Amazing

Celebrities are under constant public pressure and commitment and this fact forces them to always look a certain way. There is an unspoken rule saying that public people shouldn’t wear the same clothes twice — it’s considered bad manners. However, there are people who ignore this rule and don’t find it shameful to appear in the same attire in public several times. If you like… Read More »

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

Shooting a movie, especially a sequel, is always hard work. The producers’ main task is to not only shoot a new movie that should be just as good as the first one, but also to retain the cast of characters that many viewers have fallen in love with. The same rules apply to TV series as well. But it’s not always possible to involve the same actors that people loved… Read More »

The 20 Richest Actors of Modern Times, Some of Which Turned Out to Be Dark Horses

Cinema is considered to be one of the main kinds of art, and it is also a very profitable business. Some movies surprise us not just with the plot or acting but also by the number of zeros in their “budget“ and ”gross” columns. Of course, we agree that every single person should be paid for their hard work, but some actors make much more money than others. And many of them… Read More »

23 Ironic Pics That Prove Life Is So Unpredictable

Unexpected irony can result in some pretty hilarious situations that can happen to any of us. Maybe it’s your dog chewing the no chew deterrent or an invisible deodorant spray that has disappeared from the shelves. Fortunately, some of these moments were captured on camera so we could all laugh about them together. Bright Side gathered some of the best situational ironies that range from being intriguing… Read More »

How 8 Famous Hollywood Twins Changed Since the ’80s and ’90s

One piece of something good is great but having 2 pieces makes it perfect and unforgettable. Hollywood used to have several sets of twins back in the ’80s and ’90s that the whole US (and beyond) adored with all of their hearts. But surprisingly, we don’t hear much about them anymore. The greatest tragedy about Hollywood twins is that they first shine so bright it hurts your eyes,… Read More »

19 Actors Who Played Their Characters So Flawlessly, We Couldn’t Recognize Them in Other Movies

The job of an actor demands a lot of preparation and dedication. Some give so much of themselves while playing a specific role that the audience ends up associating them with a particular character throughout their careers. But, of course, the same thing happens to us. Who could’ve imagined, for example, that the actor who played the memorable Sirius Black in Harry Potter also played the role of Count… Read More »

30+ Unforgettable Moments Caught on Camera to Make You Burst Out Laughing

The main purpose of a picture is to capture a specific moment in time so that it can last forever. Sometimes we capture these moments when we are with family or friends or when we see something interesting. However, there are times when we don’t realize that the background of our photo may be telling an entirely different story that makes the whole picture much more entertaining. We at Bright Side gathered an image collection filled… Read More »

28 Designers Who Deserve a Nobel Prize for Creativity

Famous French publicist and advertisement expert Frédéric Beigbeder once said, “People don’t know what they want until they are offered it.” It’s very hard to disagree with this, especially when marketers use unusual approaches to attract our attention. Bright Side has collected 28 advertising examples which were created by real gurus of marketing. These commercials really deserve your attention. 1. These tiny tents give… Read More »

19 Photos Proving That Jealousy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes (Even Cats and Dogs Get Green With Envy)

The colors of jealousy can vary from expressions of fear to even rage. But sometimes jealousy is quite harmless and we can’t help but see it as an opportunity to laugh a little. At Bright Side, we believe that some problems can be laughed away. That’s why today we’re ready to show you the many faces of jealousy so that you can see how ridiculous this feeling can be from another point of view.… Read More »

8 People Who Married Bizarre Things

Even if your partner is not human, you can marry an inanimate object like a doll, a hologram, or a pillow. And there are people who’ve gotten brave enough to show society their special point of view. We at Bright side found 8 stories about ordinary relationships with not so ordinary things. 1. David Sikorski and his burrito bride David Sikorski ✔@_davidsikorski and now we can go on to… Read More »